Butnot was the small town that sprung up after Ughnot Lumber and Butternox mining merged and created the short line railroad.  Its located in the valley between the saw mill and the coal processing plant where the raw product are brought to, and assembled for a main line train for market.

The town consists of all scratch built structures. The depot, water filling station, towns water tower, the Maddie Rose, a brothel, casino, saloon, dinner, baths, and so forth, turntable, and single stall engine house and work shop, Rotella's Bakery, the vacant Sand Lot next to the bakery, Morris Beef packing plant, Jack Daniels wood barrel  processing plant, Larry's service station, Dr Schilmoeller painless dentistry with the barber shop and undertaker occupying the same building, Harley shop,  Troy's blacksmith shop.  And of course the wimisical  side of  the U&B RR, Bosco Di Jockomoe's and friends shanty on the hill side.

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