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      Model railroading has always been, and will always be, Americas No. 1 hobby


This is a hobby for all ages , boys and girls a like, and mom's and dad's as well.

With several different scales to choose from, you only need as little room as a suit case, or as big as you have the room for,  even outdoors in your backyard around your garden. This is called Garden Railroading.

This is the kind of club I am currently a member of, Rivercity Railroaders

There are clubs for any scale, and any skill level you may have

So if one wants to model railroading, there is no excuss as to not have a layout of some type in your house or yard. All local clubs are always willing to help anyone who want to get started in model railroading. This hobby does not require a lot of money, but rather depends on you own creativity, and your ability to re purpose an item to fit your layout. You can make it as serious as possible, (the old rivet counter) or you can make it as toyish as you want . It is only limited to your own passion and the use of your mind to think out side of the train tracks.

And it is a hobby with no rules, no pressure, and no competition, unless you want to compete in a category of some kind, but it is not mandatory or even necessary, and was  designed to bring father, son, daughter, and all in the family  to participate  together for a common interest, model railroading. It is a clean, safe, and educational, it builds self confidence and pride in your accomplishments and a way to have the whole family work together as one.

Once the PC started showing it's face in the mid 70's this hobby got on a very fast track to derail, and become extinct. It has created a seprated family that seems to do their own thing. With video games, tweeting and social networking. Family members are no longer interested in spending time  with each other during recreational times, but have turned their life into a life of  suclusion, and do your own thing, for the most part.

Now don't get me wrong about the PC. I enjoy my PC and I use it very much, and every day, but it does not get in the way of my family.

This hobby is so great it has several aspects to it:  Design, bench work, track work, scenery, building, painting, sculpting, electrical wiring, and many others to making things work  and fit to become part of a whole display or the extension of the family or the indivuduals that built the layout.  There is also another part of model railroading that doesn't seem to get as recognized as the other sections do, but it is as important for the hobby as well. That is promoting the hobby. I personally enjoy this as much as everything else  and some times more.  I feel that most people in this hobby are my age with very few young kids coming up in this hobby to take our place.

People, when we are gone, this will all be gone as well. It is up to us to do as much as we can to promote this ,


At age 64 I have never done so much, in such little time as I have  in model railroading as I have done it the last 5 years.  I felt I did not have the experience or the knowledge it took to build one of those eye popping layouts you see in the magazines . Because of my eye site I decided to go to G scale but  all scales are as  exciting from one scale to the next scale. I still have a great love for HO, and N scale. When I moved here 5 years ago, I had an empty 13'x 27' room to build a layout. Not much room for G scale, but I was determind to make it work with the most mainline as I can squeeze in a 10'x27 usable space. And to add features that a lot of big layouts don't have or don't want. I built a few layouts in the past but nothing like what I have now.  I never knew I was capable of this type of a layout until I decided to just build it. And the first thing I built was a single bent trestle bridge. It turned out pretty good, so I built another. Then a little building and then the rest came eaiser than I could ever imagine. My scratch built items are not square,  plumb, or even straight but they look fine for me. On the U& B, I call this character, but you can call it what ever you want. But if your a rivet counter you might want to look the other way. Anything I build has no blue print or a drawing to go with it, I just imagine the finished item and then I start building. Thats why I have tons of mistakes. My good freind Norm always says " it doesnt have to work but just looks like it can ". How true this statement is.  My favorite life saying is

'' Never judge a carpenter by the  mistakes they make, but judge them ,by how well they cover the mistakes they made ''

This is me all over. This is why I was able to do so much in a short 5 years.  Imagine it, build it, make a mistake, correct it, and move on.

  There are  two reason I launced this web site. To promote the hobby as best I can,  and hope I can answer a question or two, and help anyway I can.

 The second  reason. to show you what I did  with such  little  experience, knowledge, and self confidence in a short amount of time.

If I can do this, so can you, and don't say you can't. That word should never have been put in the English Language

So my message to you is simple, promote, build, and have fun, in Americas Greatest Hobby,

Model Railroading,

and remember the longest jouney starts with the first step

Take that first step, I triple dog dare you.

Now please proceed into the website and enjoy ,

what I call the,

U&B Railroad

'' The biggest little indoor, G scale layout you will probably ever seen ''

big in features, small in size


Please get back to me and leave your feedback I would appreciate it

Thank You Larry A.

meta trader